The organization of driven hunts
has never been easier
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We bring you the first hunting application focused on organizing driven hunts and individual hunting.

Use the application to create a map of your own hunting territory, where you can plan individual drives.

Watch all action in real time. Through notifications of sighted or hunted game, you will always know what is happening in the drive.

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The first hunting application
Driven hunt

Driven hunt

  • Recording the hunted game or impact zone – Make it easier for staff during a driven hunt by recording the exact location of impact zone or where a hunted game is located.
  • Create clear plans of your drives. Define their borders and the moving direction of beaters.
  • Thanks to GPS localization, you will see your location and will know where the other hunters and beaters are.
  • Send other participants a notification if you see or hunt a game. In this way, they will know what happens in the drive.
  • Watch everything in real time. If you have bad internet connection, the application will show the last known position as a transparent point.
  • You will receive a notification when the drive starts and ends.
  • To use all functions, you need internet connection.
  • For detailed instructions on how to use our application, see the video tutorials below.
Individual hunting

Individual hunting

  • Distance measurement – Do you need to know how far, for example, the forest boundary or the game you are watching is? No problem. Simply press the distance measurement button and tap on the location whose distance you wish to know. The starting point of the measurement is always your position.
  • Adding a note to a high seat reservation – Do you want other members of your association to know what game you’ve seen or hunted down? Does the high seat ladder need repairing? Simply type it in the note of your reservation.
  • Viewing reservations of other members – For a better overview of people in the hunting territory, you can now display reservations of other members. You can then find out who is in the hunting territory with you and maybe share your hunting experiences.
  • Recording the hunted game or impact zone.
  • Save the location of all high seats on the map of your hunting territory.
  • Enter the date and time when you want to go hunting and display available high seats on the map.
  • Then book the selected high seat from the comfort of your home.
  • For detailed instructions on how to use our application, see the video tutorials below.

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